Attention we have available kittens!!!!

Thank you to trust us and choose our cattery. First of all we give you some information which hopefully can help you to make your decision easier. We belong to WCF cat association, our cattery name there is: Saba and we belong to the Hungarian biggest independent association, called Macskamánia as well. Our cattery name here is: Sábacat.


With the president of WCF, Anneliese Hackmann.

We are very proud of our breed, and the fact that we have never lost our focus from quality to quantity.

We respect the Secred Birman, and we’d like to protect this breed. We don’t hide our aim to be in all aspects, one of the best Birman Cattery in Europe. We are more than honoured to be invited in 2017  to the first International Cat Breeders Convention by Royal Canin. Amoung the scientists, and the board of WCC ( FIFE, WCF, TICA, CFA …) , 200 top breeders were invited from all of the world ( 31 countries in 5 continent). We were 4 Birman breeders there, and just 2 breeders were invited from Hungary.

A kitten should be beautiful:

We are going to cat shows regulary, our cats have success in many countries, got titles, nominations from many different judges. Both of our studs are  World Champions. All of our queens are International Champions.

Our kitten should be healthy:

Above the life condition and premium food and vitamins what we give our cats we examined our cats in every aspects: blood test FELV, FIV, ultrasoud scan PKD, HCM, and complete deases genetical test in Australia the most modern genetic laboratry. In every point our results are negative.

Our kitten should be calm, relexed, gentle:

The most important to us is our cats personality, caracter, nerves.  Not just one of our kitten work in therapia and help to disabled children and old people.

We controlled the number of our cats, don’t let ourself being enchanted by bussiness needs. We just keep as many cats as we can love, take care each and every day in that level as we like.

Jaj de szeretlek

Jaj de szeretlek

Attention in the secound half of 2023 there isn’t a waiting time for the kittens!!!!

Thanks for our work,we mostly sell kittens for other breeders in all over the world, although It is possible buying a kitten from us as a pet as well. As I mentioned before, we won’t keep many cats. Thanks for that, and because of the low average number of the kittens in one litter (It is 3), that’s why we use pre-order system for selling. Recommend everybody who wants to buy a little kitten from us to prebook her/him. If this is not possible, because our kittens are booked before they will born, we use “The Waiting List“. It is exists especialy for breeders, but possible for pet owners too. If you decided to buy Birman kitten, and would like to buy from us, Then you can send deposit, and we can garantee to give you a kitten in one year time. If we can’t offer you ( because a tragedy happens…), we give you your deposit back, or choose to wait a little bit longer.  

Please send us  information about herself/himself., your web side as a breeder, or as a pet owner  for example: why chose this Birman breed, what surrondings could she offer for our baby cat, is she/he has an experiences by keeping a unique cat or not, planing to go to the cat’s shows or not … We’d like to try help to find the ideal couple between the people and cats.

Sábacat Egon

Sábacat Egon

The choosing from the pet kittens, will be in order of paying the deposit, Sorry but without paying deposit we can’t keep the kitten for anybody. The kittens will move to their new family at the age 12 if it stays in Hugary If not then 16 weeks with all vaccination, chip, passport. Please let us know your special needs. We help you to organise transport ect..  We’ll happilly answer your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

7 hetes kölykök

7 hetes kölykök

The Sacred Birman has it’s price. Which depends on the quality of the kitten. Similarly to other breeders we have 2 category:

  • pets
  • breeding, show cats

The price grows in this order. We let you to take the pets home in every case,  just with the contract of neutering. If you fall in love with a breeding quality kitten, but you don’t have any plan to breed at all, or sipmly you don’t wish to wait  so long, you can buy it as a pet, but naturally in breeding price. 

We mostly sell breeding, or show cats to other breeders.

We happily answer questions and help with regarding special needs. Our blood lines are very goods. Nearly in every litter we have 1-2 show quality kittens, in different colours. With this we can satisfy the breeders’ needs. Our kittens have deep intense blue eyes, and most of the cases light colour in the covering fur, and deep colour in ther masks. Our glaves and slippers are also good, simetrical .Our cats are very good tempered, relaxed, cats. They love being with us, but also sleep all day long if nothing interesting happens. Easy to keep them together because they love each other, and very gently towards other animals as well. We never ever had problems in Shows.

Of course this information is just to inform you, but we’ll try to be flexible in special cases.