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Why are we breeding? 

We are a family, who love animals, and we love to live with them. That is the most important, because that is that main reason what influenced our decision to be a cat breeder.  

zongora Birman macskákkal


Hogy jutok én oda?

We are a hobby cattery, none of us live from breeding, though we work in a professional level. That is how we can afford not to breed to satisfy the needs of the market. We are not thinking about cutting costs or making more profit. We don’t follow the latest fashion in Birman standard.  We would have sold at least 4 times more kitten if we had. However we desperately don’t want to keep more females to sell more kittens. Instead of producing kittens, we work with reservation system and breeders as well as pet clients can choose from our kittens in order of their respective reservation order. 

Húsvéti meglepi

Our aim is to satisfy our cats’ needs in every aspects. We think about how can we make them happier. We built three outdoor running cages to let them enjoy free life safely. But we don’t keep them outside all the time. Why should we? We surely want to live with them, that is why we have them. Not just our adults, but our kittens can live with us. I mean we pet them, play with them, talk to them every day.  It is the minimum that we feed them the highest quality food, and give them the best healthcare available. The main point to keep them relaxed, avoid stress in every possible way, what is usually a real problem in cattery with many cats. That is the only way how we can breed.  

Kerti kalandok

Our purpose is, to save that wonderful breed. Keep the breed line as healthy as possible. That is why we tested all of our cats against all genetic illnesses, in the most modern Australian lab. You can see all (genetic, Ultrasound, blood) tests results under each cats. We follow the latest veterinary information about vaccinations, nutrition… 

We give 2 years of breeders guarantee for genetic illnesses (in case, we ask for a veterinary certification in English). We can’t guarantee for infections, what cats can get in their new home.

We respect the appearance of that breed, the secret of the Birman’s beauty.  For this reason we visited so many cat shows in all over the world. Both of our studs are World Champions, and the females are International Champions.

10 years anniversary Saba Birman cattery!

Our Show results just amoung cats who live in our cattery: 

Cat Show tesults: 40 Champion, 36 Internation Champion, 16 Grand International Champion, 11 European Champion, 9 Grand European Champion, 6 World Champion Title

We regularly participate in cat congresses, publish articles, and articles are published from us.


We were also invited to a TV show.

We are respected in Hungary and Europe as well. We sell breeding- show quality kittens all over Europe, and also overseas. The breeder who founded that breed in Mexico chose our Cattery. We are happy to receive satisfied, happy news from our kittens from other breeders and clients alike.


We were among the 3 breeders from Hungary, and among the 4 Birman breeders from the world, who could participate in World Cat Congress in France, where all of the big international cat association were invited such as WCF, FIFE, TICA… 

We are also members of WCF and MMME cat Association.  


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