In memory of Sába

Sába kinn a kertben

Sába outside in the garden

The reason why we became SÁBACAT / SABA cattery

My Sába was born in1993, she was a blue point siamese cat. I remember, when I arrived to her breeder, at first sight chose her. The breeder tried to persuade me not to choose her because she was the least beautiful from all. But I had already made up my mind, and my decision was very well done. However she wasn’t a good breeding cat and not at all a show cat, but she was my best friend more then 19 years long. I’m still full of memories and never ever will forget her and the happy time what we had together. We used to go for an excursion together with my dogs and the polecat. She came with us to the forest, and never left us. She spent the weekends with us in hotels, came nearly everywhere were we went. She was a one person cat. She loved just me, also accepted my boyfriends later my husband as well. But I remember when my husband, spent his first night in my bed and in the morning he woke up by Saba sitting on his chest and cruelly meowing at his face. He was very alarmed and just asked me: „ – Well after that, all my mornings will start like this?” and of course won’t, but she remained my cat for ever. She especialy hated my dogs, alwalys showed how much she looks down on them. Once when I arrived home and my dog Prücsi ( Hungarian Pumi), wanted  to bring me his treasure, his favorite teddy bear to play with. But Sába walked there and laid down on it, and started to clean herself, as if nothing happened. Poor Prücsi felt so miserable, first he only watched and waited, then started barking, then in total panic ran to me and back to his toy. And I know Sába was hiddenly laughing at him. Honestly she wasn’t holy at all, but she was my faithful companion for 19 years. She always knew perfectly well, when she should come to me and comfort me or just let me alone. Never ever anybody managed understand my momentary feelings and needs as clearly and deeply as she did. I think for now It s absolutely understandable why I chose my breeder’s name after her.

I hope once in an other world we will meet again…

Sába cica elaludt