About me


Since I know myself, I love animals. All sorts of animals. During my grammar school, when I worked as a dog trainer in a Dog school in Budapest, I privately trained dogs as well as opened a panzio for them. I also managed to run a private shelter too. Not only just kept lost dogs and cats but also gave food and accomodation for a couple of wild animals such as a blue fox, an albino polecat, a raccoon or a crow with a broken wing. Because their previous owners were bored with them, or they just didn’t know how to keep wild animals is. (it is a little bit different from keeping domestic animals)

Unfortunately I have very bad experiences too, especialy with cats whom I saved. After vaccination and sterilization lucky ones found new owners, but not everyone were so lucky. Most of them lived in my private shelter. Despite of all of my good will, a lot died by car accident or dog chasing. However for me the most miserable was, when they were deluged by cruel heartless people’s agressivity. That time I decided that for myself I will keep cats just inhouse.Kata kutyusokkal

That’s how Sába a blue point Siamese female and Pamacs silver shaded Chincsilla Persian female arrived. Sába lived with me for 19 years long. When she was 2 years old, I decided my next cat after her, will be a Birman cat, in whom I had felt in love for the first sight. So that’s how  happened that I had been waiting for 17 years to meet Doroty. My first beautiful Birman female.  Less then two weeks later I decided that one cat It s not enough for me from Birman and arranged Yoda a seal point tomcat, who arrived to our home when he was 10 weeks old. Short after him, my second female…….. in blue point coulore, has arrived. We built a cat garden where my cats are able to enyoj fress air, freedom and garden activity without any risk.  For me the most inportant thing with my animals is, to built a honest, lovable relation beetween us. So I don t keep much of them, cause achive my aims I need time and energy.




All of my familly adore animals and the number at the moment, in the order of body size and the number of legs as follows: Anna our little daughter, I, Misa my husband, a canarian birds couple, Bali black domestic cat, Doroty, GIna, Naomi, Helena Birman females, Gina Birman female, Yoda and Azzurro Birman males, Hobo snow white Puli, Alfa German Sheperd trained as a body guard, Brill German Sheperd trained to protect terythory, Sofi Oldenburger horse, and Secret, her son.