Tabby Birman cat! Is it a real rarity in the world?

Does exist the Tabby Birman cat? Or the Mysteries of the Burmese Holy Temple Cat. 🙂

Fóka cirmos Birman kiscica, Seal Lynx Point tabby Birman kitten

Yes! Exists that color amoung the Birman cat breed, although officialy we call Lynx Point color. However the Birman breed is very rare and unique in the whole world, most of the big breeders has tabby color Birman cats. 🙂 In the Saba / Sabacat cattery we have excellent tabby bloodlines,  which we are very proud of!

Honestly, the classic Birman cat is still the Seal Pont SBI n color, there is also a tabby version of this color. Moreover, if we want to be even more precise, the other colors also have tabby versions in this breed.

Nemzetközi Nagybajnok Darcy Fóka Pont Birman cica, Seal Point Birman cat Grand International Champion Darcy

Our cattery celebraited It’s 10 th anniversary in 2023!

The descendants of Doroty, the founder of our oldest bloodline, Sábacat/Saba Birman cat cattery, are the tabby kittens born recently and soon to be born!

Our foremother is Doroty, whose two daughters, Hungarian Champion Sabacat Betti and Sabacat Julia, we kept to continue our tabby breeding line. And Betti and Julia’s father is none other than our beautiful and extremely kind World Champion stud Azzurro!

Doroty Fóka cirmos Birman macska, Doroty Seal Lynx Point tabby Birman cat

Világbajnok Azzurro Kék Pont, World Champion Azzurro Blue Point Birman cat

Sabacat Julia’s kittens were already born on 03.03.2024. The father in this case is International Grand Champion Darcy

T 4 alom ujjszülött kiscicái, Littet T 4 new born Birman babies

We expect the birth of Sabacat Betti’s kittens in April. Betti’s partner is none other than our European Champion Bonbón. I admit that from this pairing, I really want to choose and keep a tabby kitten girl for myself. 🙂

Birman kitten info: here

Magyar Bajnok Sabacat Betti Kék cirmos Birman cica, Hungarian Champion Sabacat Betti Blue Lynx Point tabby Birman cat

If you want a real rarity and want a Tabby Birman kitten, please notify our kennel as soon as possible of your intention to purchase and register for a kitten. After all, it is well known that I work with a reservation system, and you can choose from the Birman kittens in the chronological order of your reservation. 

The very first birth of the year 2024 is linked to the daughter of Sabacat Julia, International Champion Saba Kamil, who gave birth to 6 kittens in February. 

Nemzetközi Bajnok Saba Kamil Csokoládé cirmos Birman macska, International Champion Saba Kamil Chocolate Lynx Point tabby

We are waiting for the arrival of the kittens of her best friend, International Grand Champion Saba Lana, in March. In both cases, the grandfather of the kittens to be born is International Grand Champion Darcy, while the father is European Champion Bonbón. 

Nemzetközi Nagybajnok Saba Lana Fóka cirmos Birman cica, Grand International Champion Saba Lana Seal Lynx Point tabby Birman cat

Anyone who wants a high-quality, exotic, terribly nice cat. Who is able to form an intimate, caring, loving relationship with a kitten with rare beauty, sapphire blue eyes, so don’t hesitate to reserve! Be a part of the miracle when everyday life becomes fun and unforgettable joy with one or two Birman cats. 🙂

Birman kitten  reservation info: here

Európa Bajnok Bonbón Csokoládé Pont Birman macska, European Champion Bonbón Chocolate Point Birman male

In essence, I was able to present the most characteristic colors and their tabby version with the photos I took of my Birman cats attached to the article. In our kennel, all the classic color variants of Birman cats and their exotic tabby versions can be born. 

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