Shall we adapt one or two cats?

The most frequently asked question of the past year was whether to have one or two cats?

This question also preceded questions related to nutrition and vaccinations. Based on this reason, I thought I would write my professional opinion about whether I recommend buying one or two kittens.

On the top of that, last week, one of my client asked me to use rational arguments to convince her son why it is not good for a beginner cat owner to buy two kittens at the same time. Mom has run out of arguments, and of course the child doesn’t believe her anyway… 🙂

The short answer is very simple:

Her son is right!

There is no reasonable argument against buying two kittens! 


Saba Harris és Saba Ludvig boldogan együtt az otthonukban. 🙂 Saba Harris and Saba Ludvig are living together in harmony in their forever home 🙂

However, there is an argument that is understandable in the case of Birman cats, and I will describe it at the very beginning of the article.

This is nothing but the price of a Birman kitten.

Of course, the Birman cat is not cheap, and it is not available on sale either.

At least not for me. However, this article is not about price training. Therefore, I would only note that if someone offers a high-quality purebred pet at a favorable price, then let’s start to be suspicious. Because the current cost is prohibitive, this is not feasible. 

With this I’ve already closed the only reason against the two kittens. 

Saba Norbert és Saba Parker, nem alomtestvérek. Költözést megelőzően, nálam összeszoktatva a zökkenőmentes családváltáshoz felkészülve. 🙂 Saba Norbert and Saba Parker. They aren”t  from the same litter, but left my cattery in perfect harmony to move their forever home. 

Let’s see why it is better and why it is recommended to buy the two kittens with a calm heart: 

I write primarily about Birman cats, since I only deal with this breed. 

The Birman cat is a very social creature. He doesn’t like being alone. First of all, he longs for human love.

Very important: Nothing and no one can replace human love and care!

So it is an unfounded fear that if you buy two kittens, the owner will become a “feeding machine”, as one of my subscribers expressed his concern. 

Saba Paris és Saba Philip, alomtestvérek már az új otthonukban. Saba Paris and Saba Philip from the same litter in their forever home. 

Two cats get along great. Changing families is also much easier for them, and they grow together in a seamless, harmonious relationship. For them, the period when the family is away is also more pleasant. From the point of view of the kittens, it is definitely a beneficial decision. 

Első találkozás: Saba Vasile és Saba Klaris, aki évekkel később érkezett Németországi otthonába. The first meeting: Saba Vasile and Saba Klaris, who arrived years later to her forever home .

Saba Vasile és Klaris már teljesen összeszokva. And Saba Vasile and Klaris in perfect harmony.

I also recommend taking in the second kitten if the existing kitten is already older or not a Birman. In this case too, the experiences are incredibly good. Without exception, the Birman cat loves and accepts other cats. Unfortunately, in a small percentage, there were cases where the other cat, usually a domestic cat, did not accept the Birman cat, or it was very difficult for him to accept it. This is not more than about 1-5%. According to the owners, in those cases didn’t depend on the Birman cat either.

Saba Poppy teljes harmóniában a nálánál jóval idősebb Brit rövid szőrű társával. Saba Poppy with her older Brit short hair cat’s friend. Love for first site. 🙂

The truth is that more than half of my customers bring two Birman cats. While in the past people applied for the second kitten within 1-2 years, nowadays it is more common to have two at the same time.  

The choice of two kittens is only beneficial from the owners’ point of view. After all, the two cats play with each other much more than they destroy the apartment or furniture. Some people are a little too attached to the kitten in the beginning, because when the kitten gets a new owner, the owner becomes everything. The owner will be the mother, bro, the owner…. If the two kittens stay, the owner’s job will be a little easier.  


Saba Parker és Saba Norbert már a végleges otthonukban pihennek. Saba Parker and Saba Norbert  (from different litter) are relaxing in their forever home. 

I also encountered quite an extreme case last month. A buyer from Austria contacted me because the Austrian breeder refuses to give him 1 kitten, only if he buys another one, and the colleague had no more free kittens…. For me, this is a strong exaggeration, but we are not the same. 

Of course, I am sure that many of our cats live full and happy lives with their families even as single cats. No one should have a guilty conscience because they have a kitten. In my opinion, this is a very strong exaggeration and misinterpretation of things and / or just a business ploy.


Rather, I would just like to confirm and reassure those owners who are morphing into having one or two kittens.

Feel free to jump in, two kittens are better than one!

They do good for their kittens and themselves, whether they choose the two kittens at the same time or a few years later. 🙂


To summarize my opinion: 


My professional and personal opinion is that I do recommend keeping the two kittens together, whether they choose two kittens at the same time, which significantly reduces the stress factor associated with the kittens changing families, or later choose a Birman companion for their kitten. 


The only counterargument can be the maximum price of a Birman cat. 

Saba Unity és Saba Jasper, aki szintén később csatlakozott Unityhez Slovéniai otthonukban. Saba Unity and Saba Jasper, who as well joined later to the family in their home in Slovenia. 


Birman kittens can be reserved in our kennel all year round. The chronological order of the appointment determines the order of selection from among the kittens. 

Birman kitten reservation information: HERE

If you want two cats, it is worth making a reservation for two right away. After all, later you will only be able to choose from free kittens, in the event that there is a free kitten. 

2024 planed litters: HERE


Dear owners of Saba Sabacat Birman cats, please continue to share your opinions, experiences and experiences with me. After all, this is how I can best help future cat owners. I would also like to thank you for the pictures that I received from you, making this article possible. 🙂


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