Birman cat, the artist of love

The artist of love: The Sacred Birman Cats!

Saba Volfgang még szerető családot keres

Why are these kitties fairies? Why is the Birman breed so special?

This article is a brief description of the Birman cat and the love that these cats can convey to their families and owners. Considering both aspects, how Birman cats can help their family’s life, and also what kind of owner and family Birman cats need.

What is beautiful to whom is extremely subjective. For me, the beauty of the Birman cat speaks for itself. The whole breed is characterized by harmony. The whole character of the breed strives for the optimum. The nose, ears and legs are not too long or short. The fur is not too long or short, thick or sparse, so there is much less hair care than in other breeds. Many consider it a hypoallergenic cat and it is officially classified as one of these cat breeds.

I refrain from such statements and do not want to sell any of my kittens as a hypoallergenic cat.

But the fact is that it is not a fashion cat and hopfully It will never be a fashion type.

Therefore, it is considered a rarity in the whole world.

The happy owner of a Birman cat is a particularly lucky person.

They are not overbred either in our country or in the world, so they have no known genetic diseases either! This security is also confirmed by the fact that the genetic screenings of the cats of the Saba/Sábacat kennel were carried out in the most modern Australian genetics laboratory, we breed with cats negative for all known feline genetic diseases.

Appearance, history and character

Birman cat as an alternative therapist. The Birman cat is not everyone’s cat!

An extremely rich cat with a delicate soul. For me it is. and her beauty is not the most important thing. Even in his name, in every language, the word Holy is present. Not by chance.

They have such a special energy that being around them is extremely pleasant and soothing.

A few years ago, some psychologists found our Birman cat kennel and referred many worried families to us. Saba/Sábacat Birman kennel was recommended as an alternative remedy for children with delayed or different development, as well as with children struggling with integration problems, our cats were and are able to help overcome trauma following divorce or illness. Their achievements in reducing the passion for computer and phone games, which is so typical of our time, are not insignificant either, and they can also significantly reduce school and work stress and cure sleep disorders.

It is now a proven fact. that animals are able to help us overcome our daily problems and carry our burdens.

Why is a loving family so important to Birman cats? What kind of family does the Birman kitten need?

The Birman breed and within it the Saba/Sábacat cats have an extraordinary need for love!!!

It is clear to me that whoever is thinking about this breed and wants a kitten from our kennel, should provide him with everything that can be expected. Royal Canin food, along with the recommended additional vitamins, toys, etc. This should be natural for every family thinking about Saba/Sábacat Birman kittens.

The reason why I say that the Birman is not everyone’s cat is because of its extreme need for love!

Saba Valerian még elérhető

Many people are able to satisfy the vegetative needs of a kitten in a developed society, since the cost of keeping a kitten is not so strenuous that it can couse any problem for families.

Unfortunately, many people are not able to give the Birman cat the amount and quality of love that this breed needs!

On the other hand, the daily bread of the Birman breed is the love it receives from its owners.

No other pet can replace this care and concern. The Birman cat is an above-average social breed that feels very comfortable in the company of other cats or dogs.

But it needs to be able to sit next to the owner in the kitchen while he cooks. Or it can play with the water drops from the edge of the bathtub while you bathe, hide between your elbows while you study or work, and in many cases it can sleep with the owner in the bed.

This is especially true for the Birman kittens who are raised in the Saba/Sábacat kennel. These kittens met only love and care throughout their lives. They live in a wonderful idyllic fairy world. They have never experienced loud words or rudeness. Just lots – lots of games, petting, laughing.


Saba Sábacat Birman cicák boldog élete

You can find a lot of information about us on our official Facebook pages, Instagram or Pinterest:

In our 200 m2 house, each mother has a separate room for raising her littler in harmony. In addition, 4 external-indoor outdoor enclosures further improve the everyday life of our animals. We are constantly improving and developing the conditions.

Saba Valerian

Saba Sábacat Birman cicák életkörülményei

Saba Sábacat Birman cicák élete

Saba Sábacat Birman cicák idillikus tündér világa

We welcome applications from families and owners who are familiar with this description.

Birman kiscica szerető családot keres

Please, those and only those who feel that certain inner voice in their soul that they have found what they are looking for, what was missing in their life, should inquire about a Birman kitten in our kennel. Those families and owners who feel capable and even desire to give these sacred cats the love and care they need.

When I write this article, we still have two Birman kittens who are looking for a loving family. Saba Valerian is an exhibition, breeding-quality male, and Saba Wolfgang, who is a pet kitten, is only meant to give and receive love. 🙂 Both kittens are multi-generational Saba/Sábacat kittens, so they can boast World Champion, International Grand Champion parents and grandparents.

  Information here

I emphasize this because I very rarely have a pet kitten available, I work with a reservation system, and the average waiting time is about 1 year.

Video Saba Valerian: 

Of course, in the last 10 years we have had several free kittens, but these kittens were all available in show-breeding quality and price. The Saba Sábacat kennel mainly continues to sell breeding-show kittens to foreign breeders. Regardless, you can choose such a cat as a family member  without any problems, if someone wants the highest quality.

Purchage information here

Well, at this moment, I still have two free kittens for whom we are looking for a loving owner and family, but maybe by the time you read this article, we will no longer have a free kitten.

You don’t have to be discouraged by this either, as this opportunity is still considered a rarity. However, you can make a reservation at any time throughout the year.

Those who are serious about their determination and have really fallen in love with this breed, and they know it. that you want to buy from us, you should choose the reservation option.

Those who choose a partner for many years cannot be impatient, because really good things are worth waiting for.

At the end a video about W 3 litter and the available Wolfgang: