WC Moonlight Yenzo, HU ( Yoda), World Champion

  • Colour:Seal Point, SBI n
  • Carrier:Chocolate, dilluminate
  • Blood group:A/a
  • Born:2012-10-23
  • Father:Princ v. Höhnhart, NL
  • Mother:Moonlight Emiliana, HU
  • FELV, FIV test:Negative
  • PKD HCM ultrasound scan:Negative, 2015
  • Complete disease genetical test:Negative

Yoda is the first stud in our cattery, Seal Point (SBI n), born in 2012, FIP,FIV,FELV negative. PKD, HCM ultrasoud scan negative, 2015. Dilution gene carrier. Yoda’ s character is diff erent from Doroty. He is not as brave or curious as she is, but he has a big heart. He is extremely attentive and gentile towards me or Doroty and Gina. He even tried to imitate mother cats calling sound to reassure a very young Frida. He was lovely. He is not the cat for everybody. He doesn’t trust strangers and even from the family he attachted to me. Always sleeps with me and follows me whereever I go. To know his personality easy to understand why he hates so much the cat shows. Although he always behave like a lord, no biting, no scratching, he never douse me or the judges any trouble, just look into my eyes ” -Do I have to?” and lay down the closest part to me in the cage. Even though I feel sorry for him, we have to participate some of the cat shows. However I promised him If he will be a World Champion he doesn’t have to participate any show… 🙂

2015. 09.19  in a  WCF World Cat Show, in Budapest he recived his very last title from the WCF President and he became World Champion!!!!  Anyway no more show for him. 🙂

Yoda is retired for now. He happily lives in a family such as  only pet. as for his early retirement his bloodline became even more valuable. He is the father amoung our cats:  International Champion Saba Desdemona. International Champion Saba Désirée, Saba Kimberly. 

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