WC Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi,It World Champion

  • Colour:Blue Point SBI a
  • Carrier:Chocolate
  • Blood group:A/b
  • Born:2015-06-10
  • Father:Yogino Baffi Buffi, It
  • Mother:Tresor Midnight Rose dei Baffi Buffi, It
  • FELV, FIV test:Negative 2015. 12.14.
  • PKD HCM ultrasound scan:Negative 2015. 12.14.
  • Complete disease genetical test:Negativ

Azzurro arrived to our Cattery from Italy. His elegant appearance and his beautiful blue eyes enchanted us from the first minute. He has Italian, and Dutch, background as much as Australian, the latter makes his breeding value even higher. With his arrival, It is possible to keep females from our own bloodline. And also we can offer breeding couples from absolutely different bloodlines for breeders. About his personality, he is a real Italian “macho”. He loves talking and he talks more than all of our Birman cats together. 🙂 He also love turning the girls head. 🙂 He very kind towards the queens and provocate the other males! Even though he is the secound male in our cattery he is not spraying!!! He is a real big soft teddy bear, he loves sleeping in my lap even in the cat shows. He has excelent nerves, He opens his heart to strangers too, so It is easy with him in a cat shows. He is a big proud member in our cat family. The same way as Yoda did before, Azzurro also finished his show carrier as a World Champion! Not long after we were invitated into Hungarian TV to give an interview: 

Azzrro after his neutering lives with a family,where he can be the CAT. 🙂

Azzurro became World Champion in 2017.