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Spanish Birman cat bloodline, Bonbón in the Saba/Sábacat Birman kennel

Bonbón Has Arrived To Our Kennel!

Beethoven Johnnataria E (Bonbón) has arrived to our kennel! Bonbón is a Chocolate point birman male kitten.

We’ve been actively searching for 5 months before Bonbón has arrived. It is a huge responsibility in a breeder’s life to choose the kitten that she would dare to trust the entire future of her blood line.

At the end of the day, it is the stud that is so important in a kennel. He is the one that impregnates the queens. He’s the one whose bloodline will be mixed with all the other bloodlines in the kennel. 

 It is an extremely difficult choice in the case of our successful kennel, which has produced Birman kittens that are healthy, very friendly, and have a well-balanced nervous system. 


Our Challenges of Choosing Our New Birman Breeder Stud

It doesn’t help when it’s the case of a very rare kind of cat breed, that is bred by few people in the World, and you need to pay special attention to the family relationships, as well. You have to base your decision on photos, videos, and your personal relationships with the other Birman breeders.

With us, all of these facts are overwritten by this “inner voice”, which we base our final decisions on. At the end, my daughter and I together chose Bonbón from Spain in complete agreement.

After making the choice, the execution posed the next challenge. Arranging to bring home a cat from Barcelona to Budapest during COVID was about as complicated as circumnavigating the World twice!!!

At the end, our SPECIAL BOY has arrived! 


What Is Bonbón Like?

His blood line includes Spanish and Swedish ancestors. 

His an extremely big and strong kitten, with excellent fur quality. When we first met him in the hotel, he was calm and well-balanced. During our flight (remember, layover and COVID), he was pleasant and embraced the situation. We’ve been looking for him every single day for 5 months to replace Azurro, with my daughter, Anna. At the end, we chose Bonbón, because based on the videos we received from the breeder, we suspected, that he would be this big Teddy bear, waiting to be loved, just like Azurro is. When Birman Bonbón arrived, we were all very happy.


3 days have passed, and I feel like Bonbón was born here, like I was the one helping him be born, just like the girls that are going to be his mates. This was an unbelievably good feeling. I was surprised, as he was already 6 months old when he arrived. He has such an open, pleasant personality, even among Birman kittens. In this second, he’s sitting next to me on the chair and he’s purring. 

It is as if he’s always been my kitten. 

Our only disagreement is when I’m playing the piano, he’s trying to hunt down my fingers…?

The Future Stud- Husband

He’ll be the future partner of the “3 Youngest Queens”.

It’s a lucky situation that Bonbón is the same age as our girls  (Saba Kamil, Saba Lana, Saba Nadine). They’re almost the exact ages and they love playing together, play catch, or chase the “mouse”. 

Bonbón has become an important and integral part of our family. 

He will be able to start his exhibition and breeding career in the Spring of 2022. I hope he will charm the judges with his beauty and kindness. We can’t wait to see his shining personality in his future kittens.?

If you’re interested in Birman kittens, visit www.birmans.eu for more information.