Saba Sophia

  • Colour:Lilac Point SBI c
  • Born:2020-03-11
  • Father:WC Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi
  • Mother:IC Saba Desdemona
  • FELV, FIV test:Negativ, vaccinated
  • Complete disease genetical test:Both parents, or grandparents are negative

Sophia on the maternal branch, daughter of International Champion Saba Desdemona and granddaughter of International Champion Hiset Laty Mary (Helena). On the paternal branch, both his father and his grandfather are World Champions, as his father is World Champion Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi, while Grandpa is none other than World Champion Moonlight Yenzo Yoda. She is already a third generation Saba kitten. Unfortunately, COVID 19 prevents us from participating in exhibitions. I have no idea when international cat shows will be held again. What I do know, however, is that it is almost impossible to take females who are actively involved in breeding to shows. Personally, I see his dad in her the most, based on his appearance. He brings out his excellent coat quality, physique and head shape the most. It has high quality silky soft hair. My little daughter, Anna, says she is the softest kitten in the world.  Interestingly, we might expect that if She is so similar to Azzurro in her appearance, then obviously in nature her mother or grandparents will be recognized in her. But no, She also brings Azzurro’s balance in nature. One of my calmest most stable kittens. No stressful circumstance could ever get her out of the current. She loves to play, chasing big ones with Saba Pippa. Pippa is her best friend among kittens. I confess that I also contributed to the formation of their friendship, because after their separation I put them together, separated from their real brothers. who, I knew, they would soon be leaving not only our home but the country as well. But they stay. There is only a few days difference between their births, so they were able to get up by eating all the mischiefs together, spending every siesta hiding together, and of course always eating together. They had many adventures together in our home. Sophia is very close to me. As a tiny kitten, he always slept by my head. She still remembers these peaceful intimate moments spent together because he still wants to move back into the bedroom. Whenever you can, She is always by my side to this day.