Saba Pippa

  • Colour:Blue Point SBI a
  • Born:2020-03-05
  • Father:WC Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi
  • Mother:IC Nofretete v Blütengarten
  • FELV, FIV test:Negativ, vaccinated
  • Complete disease genetical test:Both parents, or grandparents are negative

Saba Pippa: Pippa is a second generation self-bred Saba kitten.  His mother is International Champion Nofretete v Blüttengarten Naomi while his father is World Champion Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi. Despite having perfect show marks unfortunately human COVID 19 prevents us from getting to the cat shows. At the moment of her birth, I knew I was going to keep her to myself. She was smaller than her littermates, but in her head shape there was such a fairy kindness, softness, charm that there was no question for me that She would remain my kitten. In appearance, she doesn’t really look like either a dad or a mom. It is present in everything in such harmonic unity. So real Birman, everything is optimal. Its nature is also characterized by extraordinary kindness and charm. She really likes to play running. She always runs three times as much during the game as her kitten companions and even darts her stunt with acrobatic elements and jumps. Her only friend is Sophia, with whom She really feels good. Unfortunately, her extraordinary kindness is also coupled with extreme sensitivity. She takes everything to heart and takes a lot of time to calm down again. She get scared of smaller quarrels and then only see the enemy in everyone. Kitten princess with real star allures.

After her first litter, she became the “mother tiger” to protect her only son from all the other 4 legs fur family, cause stress herself and all the other cats. That is why we decide to let her live separetly in a family where she can be the only pet, and can bring  up her babies in peace and harmony. Pippa is netered now and continues her happy life with her family.