Saba Nadine Junior Hungarian Champion En

  • Colour:Seal Point SBI n
  • Born:2021-08-26
  • Father:GIC Albafeles Darcy
  • Mother:Saba Sophia
  • FELV, FIV test:vaccinated
  • Complete disease genetical test:Parents or / and grandparents are tested

Saba Nadine’s maternal bloodline is completely different from that of her tabby girlfriends. ? The paternal branch also holds surprises! Nadine is a fourth generation Saba kitten. ?

Saba Nadine’s great-grandmother is the International Champion Hiset Laty Mary (Helena) from the Czech Republic

Her daughter, Nadine’s grandmother, is also International Champion Saba Desdemona, who apparently brings more maternal bloodline:

Until we finally arrived at Nadine’s mom, Saba Sofia, who most closely resembles our father, Our World Champion Azzurora. ?

The special value and curiosity of the paternal line is that the other is also a straight descendant of our World Champion male Moonlight Yenzo (Yoda)! So both of our World Champion males are present in the bloodline of Saba Nadine! Yoda’s bloodline is also present only in Saba Kimberly’s bloodline.

The paternal line also includes Grand International Champion Dracy to make Saba Nadine and her offspring truly international and valuable

Her personality is unlike any of Nadine’s other girlfriends. Strong character, strong personality. She always knows what She wants and She will definitely let us know. Most of the time, She demands and asks for our love, which She expresses by loud moaning or hiding from us. Of the 3 young females, she clearly needs our most attention and love. She’s an unscratchable kitten you can’t help but love. ?

Nadine will also start her show career in the spring of 2022, but unfortunately at the time of the shows she will still be too young to compete in the open class, so she will only start in the junior class. In all show where She participated got Junior Champion and Nominated to Best in Show