GIC Saba Lana Grand International Champion En

  • Colour:Seal Lynx Point SBI n 21
  • Born:2021-07-15
  • Father:GIC Albafeles Darcy
  • Mother:Sábacat Betti
  • FELV, FIV test:vaccinated
  • Complete disease genetical test:Parents or / and grandparents are tested

Saba Lana is also a third generation Sábacat / Saba kitten. I am very proud of her and her ancestors so it is essential to talk about the bloodline from a breeding point of view Saba Kamil and Saba Lana have a common bloodline so in this respect I am talking about them together.

The grandfather of both kittens is our World Champion male Azzurro Dei Baffi Buffi.

And grandma is Blue Sky Doroty

From this mating, but a year apart, two females were born, which we also kept as our own kittens. 

Hungarian Champion Sábacat Betti, mother of Saba Lana:

While the younger brother, Julia Sábacat, became the mother of Saba Kamil:

While Betti represents the maternal line, in Julia it is the paternal line that dominates, so it is not surprising. that in children this bloodline is also emphasized. Lana takes and inherits the maternal, grandmother’s branch, while Kamil is more like Azzurora’s grandfather.

The father of both puppies is Grand International Champion Albafeles Darcy, the third male of our kennel. Luckily, with this tabby female line, he gives extremely balanced and beautiful puppies, the vast majority of whom have now pursued their careers in one of the U.S. states. ?

Personality of the two girls is completely different. Saba Lana could even be the opposite of Saba Kamil. While Kamil is loud and hebrew, Lana is imperceptible. Very quiet, calm, perfectly balanced, always satisfied kitten. She really can’t hear her voice either, but She’s everywhere. It’s a very interesting feeling when I work on the computer or pack the dishwasher and I have such a very pleasant mood, a good feeling, a shiver running through me, I look up and see that only Lana has settled down next to me, quietly unnoticed has brought me her angelic personality.

Saba Lana started her show carrier in spring 2022 and finished as a Grand International Champion and got many Nomination for Best in Show. 🙂 She starts her breeding carrier in the autumn 2022.