IC Saba Kimberly International Champion

  • Colour:Lilac Point SBI c
  • Born:2019-03-01
  • Father:WC Moonlight Yenzo Yoda World Champion
  • Mother:IC Nofretete v Blütengarten (Naomi) International Champion
  • FELV, FIV test:vaccinated
  • PKD HCM ultrasound scan:13.11.2020.
  • Complete disease genetical test:Both of her parents are negative

Her father is World Champion Moonlight Yenzo (Yoda) and her mother is International Champion Nofretete v Blütengarten (Naomi). She is the last kitten of Yoda.

We wanted to keep a Seal Point color kitten but no kitten in that color was born in this litter. As her parents she has excelent show marks, and fullfill all of the requirement of standard of her breed.

She started her show carrier in 2020 January, and finished in 2022 September as an International Champion.

Although her beauty, her sweet gentle temper is more valuable. She carries the kindness, sweetness of Yoda, and she loves only one person as her daddy does (in both cases I am the lucky one ) but mix it with the softness and more carecteristic personality of Naomi, create this way a completely new, but original Birman temper. Because of her personality she is at the moment, who is closest to my soul.

She feels that, because she follows every shake of my heart, cacth every second in our life what she can cheer me up and give me more happiness in life. She does it the same way as Yoda did it before. She accompany me every time in the toilet and seating in the bathroom while I’m having a bath. I am very thankful to her to live with us and I hope she is as happy with me as I am with her.

With her presence I can keep a little from Yoda, although in her isn’t a polite gentleman but a sweet, soft pricess.