IC Nofretete v. Blütengarten, A (Naomi), International Champion

  • Colour:Lila Pont, SBI c
  • Carrier:Chocolate
  • Born:2014-07-09
  • Father:Tomtom v. Blütengarten, A
  • Mother:CH Pappillion v. Blütengarten, A
  • FELV, FIV test:Negativ
  • PKD HCM ultrasound scan:Negativ, 2015
  • Complete disease genetical test:Negativ

She is the nicest in our cat family. She satisfies my old dream. She came to us from Austria, after one year careful look for. Naturally FIV, FELV, negative, PKD,HCM, ultrasound screen negative. She has one of the oldest, and clear blood line. She also has excellent show marks. On personally you can see her earlier in big cat shows from 2015 spring. We don’t hide, that we expected rarely excellent kittens from her and Yoda marriage. The kittens exceeded our expectations. Their kittens not just popular in Europe, but Saba Hilda is the first Birman cat in Mexico to establish the Birman race there! About her personality, She is the kindest, softess cat in our Cat family. Not by chance She is the favorite of our little daughter. As if her light colors in hair, come to influence her soul as well. It is very interesting how this extraordenary sweet nature can go with sturdiness and balance in her temper. She loves humans and uses every possible occasion to express her love towards us. She is the mother of Saba Kimberly and Saba Pippa.

She lives in her new home as an oly qween in the heart of her owner. 🙂