IC, Hiset Laty Mery, CZ (Helena), International Champion

  • Colour:Chocolate Point, SBI b
  • Carrier:Dilluminate
  • Born:2014-12-02
  • Father:Marco Polo Sunny Queen, ES
  • Mother:CH, Nimoe Von Imporio, A
  • FELV, FIV test:Negative
  • PKD HCM ultrasound scan:Negative, 2015
  • Complete disease genetical test:Negative

Helena has arrived in our home  1,5 year after waiting. We were looking for a princess whose kittens can satisfield the hiest needs and expectation of other breeders too. For us, the most important was her caracter, personality. Her breeder worked as a cat therapist, so we were sure her cats must have excellent nerve system, she was one of her favorites. Finaly she is above any expectation, a soft, sweet soul in fluffy fur. When she followed me outside, into our garden, includes 3 dogs, for the first time, she wasn’t panicking, stayed absolutely relaxed and jumped to my lap purring. 🙂  Later She developed a playing technic with Brill, our German Shepherd girl. They regulary played together. Then both of them started to digging to each other on the both side of the fence, but exactly the same place, so we had to place concrete under the fence. 🙁 Although She has a strange personality, She behaves as if she were above everything and everybody. Idon’t think about it as She is proud, because, She is definitely not! But If She were outside of situations not inside. She behaves like an elegant stranger, not a participant. As for her blood line, she covers with her Spanish – Italian father and German- Austrian mother the two main lines in Europe. Her silky hair, deep blue eyes, excellent contrast in colours, with nearly perfect show marks, I think will convince all of the judges in Europe.

She is the mother o fInternational Champion Saba Desdemona and International Champion Saba Désireé. 

She is retired from her breeding and show carrier and now lives as an only pet a carrying family.

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