Blue Sky Doroty, HU

  • Colour:Seal Lynx Point, SBI n 21
  • Carrier:Chocolate, dilluminate
  • Born:2012-04-19
  • Father:Dwayne Blue Harmony, SK
  • Mother:Freya's Cats Elisa, HU
  • FELV, FIV test:Negative
  • PKD HCM ultrasound scan:Negative, 2015

Doroty my first Birman female. Seal lynx colour (SBI n 21), year of birth 2012, she is carrying a diluent gene, FIP, FIV, FELV negative, PKD, HCM (2015) ultrasound screen negative. She’s very open minded, open hearted cat. She does not belong to one person, but loves everybody in the family. She even gets on well with our dogs too. She’s very loveable. Loves playing with me or our little Anna. She’s very curious, interested in everything what’s happening around her, or everybody who wisiting us. She loves having bath with me, and sleeping on my legs. She was suprisingly gentle when Yoda arrived, she desperatly wanted to play with him, but of course Yoda was very afraid for the first day of his arrival. So Doroty gave up her favourite place in our bad and let him sleep with us. She just moved back 3 days later whan she was sure that little Yoda is not scared any more.

Now she is retired, and She lives as a pet in a family. Because of her early retirement makes her bloodline, which was rare already makes even more valuable. She is the mother of Hungarian Champion Sábacat Betti, and Sábacat Julia. 

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