Appearance, history and character


I wouldn’t like give here a perfect description about their standard, because It’s easily available through the internet, and It’s not the same in every assosiation. Well It is very subjective that what is the main important thing for the judges in an exhibition. So very sortly and simply: It has medium long hair, pale colored body and from light to dark blue eyes. Its pows are snow white, and its hair silky touch. Hair does not need special treatment. It has relatively small ears and Roman nose. It is somewhere between the persian and siamese cats. The most important key word to understand Birman is the Harmony. In this breed the most important thing to find the golden optimum in everything. Not too long nose ( like siamise cat) and not too short ( like persian cat). Anyway the exectly the same with it’s temperament. Not too aktiv not too passive….

We belong to WCF so you can find their standard here:

World Cat Federation Standard.

The coloures in our cattery as follows:

  • Seal point (SBI n)
  • Blue point ( SBI a)
  • Chocolate point ( SBI b)
  • Lilac Point ( SBI c)
  • Seal lynx  (SBI n 21) Tabby
  • Blue lynx ( SBI a 21) Tabby
  • Chocolate iynx ( Sbi b 21) Tabby
  • Lilac Lynx SBI c 21


After reading a lot of information about this, I’m absolutely sure in two things:

  • Its origin is not perfectly proven
  • The first Sacred Birman was presented in 1926 in Paris in a cat show.

It is said that maybe the first couple were smuggled from Burma in 1919 to France. The tomcat died, but the female was already pregnant. We can say It’s origin is France. However for me much more interesting the legend about the sacred Birman cat. This legend takes us back to the middle ages to a monastery in Burma. Where the monks lived in peaceful harmony with their cats. Until a robbery happened. One of the monks was cruelly murdered and in that moment the cats transformed to Sacred Birman cats. Eyes dark blue, with beautiful white pows… The robbers were so enchanted seeing this miracle that the monks easily won the battle. After the victory their cats transformed back to normal, but the monks tried to breed their sacred cats again.


Not only their appearance is nobel, but their behaviour is as gentle as it looks like. They are very open minded, open hearted animals. Like being with people or other animals as well. They not just tolerate kids they really love playing with them. They are not loud cats,  if they mow, they do it softly,  in a gentle way and very rarely, exception when they sexually active, they make up for everything that they have missed! As I wrote down before, for their behaviour as well the must important thing is the Harmony. They are allways with you, but never disturbe you. If you want to play, they will be happy to join, If not they happily sleep next to you. It is a real plesure live with them. As for one of our client: ” They are beautiful cats, but their real value is inside”

What Animal Planet says about birman cats.